Visit To Death Valley

In early February of this year, I spent five days taking photographs in Death Valley National Park and areas nearby. It was a great time to visit – none of the intense heat for which the Park is notorious, nor were there...

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Mirrorless Update – On The Rocks

Our video series On The Rocks is back with a discussion on the state of mirrorless cameras. Join Kevin Raber, Phil Gibson, and Jody Grober as they talk about what’s hot and not. They discuss the merits or mirrorless and where things...

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Wow, What A Fuss – Fuji X-Pro 3

Fuji has certainly been staying active in the camera market with its new X-Series cameras, and especially its Full Format Cameras: the GFX 100, 50r, and 50s. But the company seemed to hit a nerve the other day when it announced its...

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Elephant’s Trunk Nebula, IC 1396

Narrowband Astrophotography

Introduction When most photographers see ‘astrophotography’ they usually think of landscape astrophotography.  Combining a terrestrial landscape with the Milky Way can lead to beautiful and dramatic images.  My astro passion lies beyond the terrestrial, beyond the lunar, solar or even planetary and...

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Sony a9 Firmware v5.0 – A New Camera

I have been a fan of the Sony A9 camera since its release. It is the fastest camera in the mirrorless market by far. The auto-focus is so responsive and the frame rate is astonishing. This camera has allowed me to capture...

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Antarctica Rust

I am as rustaholic. For years, I have been fascinated by the effects of rust on different metal objects and the abstract beauty that comes with it.  If there is something rusty, I have shot it.  From cars, trains, pipes, ships and...

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