Blind Fiddler by David Wilkie

History Of Photography – Archer and Cameron

In 1851, Frederick Scott Archer invented the wet plate collodion process. This involves flowing a clear gel (collodion) across a glass or metal plate, sensitizing it, and then exposing, while still wet (hence the name), the resulting light-sensitive plate. This process provides...

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The Value Of Working On Projects

I find that a lot of attendees on my workshops are constantly in search of the photographic equivalent of a musical Top Ten hit in the hope that over time they’ll produce a portfolio of images of iconic subjects taken in absolutely...

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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin beside US flag © NASA

Hasselblad Celebrates 50 Years On The Moon

As The Camera That Documented The Historic Moon Landing Shortly after the Lunar Module Eagle touched down at Tranquility Base, astronauts Aldrin and Armstrong aboard the Apollo 11mission would don their bulky space suits and step carefully down onto the dusty ground,...

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