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Kevin Raber, In Antarctica
Kevin Raber, In Antarctica

Welcome to photoPXL workshops. PhotoPXL partners with Rockhopper Workshops, another company owned by this sites CEO & Publisher, Kevin Raber. Rockhopper is the leading provider of workshops to edge-of-the-planet destinations. Other than the cost of travel to and from the designated destination, all PXL and Rockhopper workshops are all-inclusive and provide attendees with an educational experience and adventure unlike any other.

There are a number of choices you can make when selecting a workshop. Many workshops are less expensive but require you to pay for hotels, transportation and your meals separately. In many cases, this means splitting the group up at the end of each shoot-day. With a Rockhopper workshop, you stay together from the time you arrive at the destinations until your return trip home. Once on-site, we manage all elements of your stay so you can concentrate on taking and making great photographs. We believe that the learning experience of each workshop comes not just from exposure to great instructors, but also from the discussions at meals and while traveling to daily destinations with fellow attendees. You’ll take great images, make new friends and we’re certain, enjoy a few laughs.

Kevin has been running workshops since 2005. While at Phase One he was the founder of PODAS, a unique workshop experience provided by Phase One. Since leaving Phase One six years ago Kevin has been running workshops to just about every imaginable location on the planet.

After you attend a PXL – Rockhopper workshop you’ll be part of an international group of Rockhopper Workshop alumni. This growing group of photographers has made lasting friendships that began during one of our workshops. We look forward to seeing you and we are confident that once you’ve taken a PXL – Rockhopper workshop you’ll want to be part of another workshop to another world class destination.

Iceland Winter Photography Tour 2021

Watch this page for details of a winter 2021 workshop in Iceland. It’s been several years since I have done a workshop in Iceland and I am looking forward to once again working with Daniel Bergmann and offering a one of kind Iceland experience. Look for details soon.

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Falklands and South Georgia Island Workshop – October 2020

NEW - Just Announced! An amazing opportunity to travel and photograph in of the most amazing locations on the planet, The Falklands and South Georgia Island. Join us October 3 -17, 2020 of this amazing photographic adventure. We will be traveling on the amazing Magellan Explorer with instructors Kevin Raber, Steve Gosling, and Chris Sanderson.

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Faroe Islands Photography Workshop 2020

SOLD OUT - WAITING LIST - Explore the amazing Faroe Island with Steve Gosling and Kevin Raber. From May 1 -8th, 2020, you’ll spend a week photographing one of the most amazing landscapes there is. The Faroe Islands is one of the most beautiful landscapes there is, and this is your chance to capture stunning images. Adventure, great photo opportunities as well as fun await you. This workshop is booking fast.

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Svalbard Photo Adventure – Polar Bears – 2021

The Arctic summer has arrived, the midnight sun reigns supreme, and the purple saxifrage decorates the slopes. The ice is slowly starting to loosen its grip, which offers excellent opportunities to explore the seldom-visited eastern parts of the archipelago. This is a small ship photography workshop. Details are coming soon. You may also want to check out our 2020 Svalbard Adventure.

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