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Kevin Raber, In Antarctica
Kevin Raber, In Antarctica

Welcome to PhotoPXL and Rockhopper Workshops.  It’s been a crazy few years and many people are just now feeling comfortable traveling again.  Prior to the pandemic, we were running workshops just about every month in various places around the world.  These days while we may beat the pandemic, we are finding that many people are still hesitant to book workshops in faraway places.  With the uncertainty of the economy and increased travel costs many travelers are still holding off on booking workshops to far away places.  We used to be able to book a workshop to be sold out in a matter of weeks, nowadays it can take months.  Thus we have decided to change a few things.

While we will still hold workshops at some of our favorite places, we are changing gears and will be holding a series of workshops right here in Indianapolis on Fine Art Printing.  This is a great chance to learn how to make prints from all the workshops you have been to previously as well as some of your favorite photos that have just been sitting on your hard drives.

So, book your trip and workshop now.  

Welcome to photoPXL workshops. PhotoPXL partners with Rockhopper Workshops, another company owned by this site’s CEO & Publisher, Kevin Raber. Rockhopper is the leading provider of workshops for edge-of-the-planet destinations. We have been offering exceptional experiences as well as great instruction for years.

During a Rockhopper workshop, we will be doing everything as a group.  We will handle the ground transportation for you and help make hotel reservations and any other needs you may have. Once on-site, we manage all elements of your stay so you can concentrate on taking and making great photographs. We believe that the learning experience of each workshop comes not just from exposure to great instructors but also from the discussions at meals and while traveling to daily destinations with fellow attendees. You’ll take great images, make new friends, and we’re certain, enjoy a few laughs.

Kevin has been running workshops since 2005. While at Phase One, he was the founder of PODAS, a unique workshop experience provided by Phase One. Since leaving Phase One nine years ago, Kevin has been running workshops in just about every imaginable location on the planet.

After you attend a PXL – Rockhopper workshop, you’ll be part of an international group of Rockhopper Workshop alumni. This growing group of photographers has made lasting friendships that began during one of our workshops. We look forward to seeing you, and we are confident that once you’ve taken a PXL – Rockhopper workshop, you’ll want to be part of another workshop to another world-class destination.

Thank You . .  Kevin Raber, Owner, CEO and Publisher

Fine Art Printing Workshops – March 8-11, May 31-June 3 and October 11-14

You have spent a lot of money on camera gear. You have been taking some great images. But have you made prints? Let Kevin Raber, Jeff Schewe, and John Ponnozzo guide you to making great prints from your images. This new workshop series, which is being held numerous times this year, will show you how easy it is to make prints these days. This three-day workshop will show you everything you need to know about making fine art prints. Please check our workshop page at Rockhopper Workshops for complete details on our offerings. Workshops available are March 8-11, May 3-6 and October 11-14

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Palouse Summer Workshops 2024 – June 17 – 22, 2024 SOLD OUT 2nd Workshop Added June 24-29, 2024

SOLD OUT, Second workshop just added June 24-29, 2024 A unique opportunity to be part of a small group and photograph one of the prettiest regions in America. The Palouse is an incredible region of rolling hills and farmland located in Southeast Washington State. I have been shooting this area for many years and usually visit the Palouse both in the early summer and for the harvest in August. There are many places to photograph in this area. I’d love to take you to some of my favorite fabulous spots. This is a small custom workshop with four photographers. You get picked up at the airport with five other participants, and I will guide you to the best spots in the Palouse for amazing images. You will experience will be full days of photography and learning. Check out the details at Rockhopper workshops. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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Faroe Islands Photography Workshop – May 4-11, 2024 – Three Spots Remain

Explore the amazing Faroe Island with Steve Gosling and Kevin Raber. From May 4-11, 2024, you’ll spend a week photographing one of the most amazing landscapes there is. This is one of the most picturesque locations there is, with a spectacular coastline, tiny villages, and amazing ever-changing light. Not only will you return home with beautiful images, but you'll have fun doing it. This workshop will sell out fast. Click on Rockhopper Workshops to see more info, and register now. Space is very limited. 4 Spots remain

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Greenland Photo Workshop – August 13-22

When people ask me to describe Greenland, the word immensity comes to mind. Everything about Greenland is big. The Icebergs, the rocks, the Fjord systems, and the glaciers all challenge your sense of size and shape. This, of course, makes for some incredible photography. The landscape and everything we photograph is dynamic. What we see and photograph one day will not be there tomorrow. There are no iconic images from Greenland, as every image is iconic in itself. Join Kevin Raber for what promises to be an incredible adventure. In 2024 we will be traveling on the small expedition ship M/S Balto. Details can be found on rockhopperworkshops.com

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