Wow, What A Fuss – Fuji X-Pro 3

Fuji has certainly been staying active in the camera market with its new X-Series cameras, and especially its Full Format Cameras: the GFX 100, 50r, and 50s. But the company seemed to hit a nerve the other day when it announced its...

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Ben Olson Antarctica

My Visit To Antarctica

I was sitting in the hospital the day after my second son was born when Kevin Raber called. I left the room so I wouldn’t wake my wife and son, and in hindsight that was a good decision as I almost screamed...

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Photograph What Makes Your Heart Sing

What separates the average from the great photographer?  I believe it has to do with the connection the photographer has with his or her subject. Some great photographers I admire, David duChemin, Sarah Marino, Chuck Kimmerle, Cole Thompson and Guy Tal to...

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Darn You Sony – The New Sony RX100VII

Sony is beginning to piss me off. They are destroying my camera budget. They have a lot of nerve releasing a new camera a week after they announce the A7rIV. I’m just getting over self-justifying and willing away and mental remorse about...

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A Contemporary Look A Country of Excess America the land of opportunity where the reality is somewhat different.  Over the past couple of years I ventured through the out of the way towns, looking for photographic enlightenment.  I have been inspired by...

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