14 Photo Management and Workflow Tools for Photographers

Photo management software

Photo management software helps manage the business operations of professional photographers. These types of programs manage activities such as digital workflow, scheduling, customers, contacts, marketing, order tracking, sales presentations, and billing. These applications also help studios manage capture, composite templates, output, and archiving.

Even if you’re a novice photographer or perhaps an experienced veteran, keeping track of items from emails, customers and payments in your company may be overwhelmingly compelling. The further you but also your company develop, the further assistance you require; memoranda, adhesive notes just do not shut off.

Everybody in the firm requires a platform that can digitally transform things and then allow the platform to deal with jobs and tasks. Would it not be nice to have a tool that makes your workflow smoother and saves you time to spend more time on creativity?

Photo Management and Workflow Tools for Photographers

The best part is that there are tools for your photography company to support you. And here are the most ideal photo management tools we believe can assist you with your workflow in the field of photography.

1. 17Hats

photo management 17Hats
Tell yourself goodbye to turmoil and hit the group. Tame a great app for your company turmoil. The all-in-one entrepreneurial system. Are you ready to quit managing several apps? 17Hats gives you all you need to operate your business and customers anytime, anywhere, from reservation to project management to financial management.

If we say so ourselves, 17Hats is a photo management software system that keeps track of all your critical business details in one place. It is a customer relationship management system, contract and billing system, and workflow management system. You can also create and send questionnaires, keep track of appointments, take notes, and attach external documents to your client’s files.

2. Honeybook

HoneyBook is a cloud-based CRM tool specifically designed for small entrepreneurs and freelancers to help users manage business processes, from consulting to invoicing. The platform allows users to manage projects, make customer reservations, send invoices, sign contracts online and manage payments.

A task management tool that is provided by HoneyBook which allows users to monitor and track different phases of a project. Within a single platform, users may save invoices, contracts, and other documents. They can also respond to clients with meeting requests and automated follow-ups via personalized templates and notifications.It also gives your users permission to reply to clients with digital appointments and reminders with notifications and personalized templates.

3. Dubsado

photo management Dubsado
This is another suitable tool for the self-employed and small businesses. This product integrates among other things the management of contacts and tasks. It even allows the monitoring of hours worked and the invoicing of these. In particular, it offers periodic billing functionalities. If you need to have the functions of a product and/or service proposals, submissions, and questionnaires directly from your contacts, this is certainly a tool to consider. This is a tool that obviously focuses on B2C (Business-to-consumer) type companies.

Dubsado enables you to include lead forms in order to quickly capture information and keep track of all the inputs with the lead funnel at the correct moment. With Dubsado, you can be confident that you get the correct payment in any currency and you get further advice! You may set up remittances of bills and allow customers to deduct them themselves if you run a subscription-based company

4. Iris

photo management Iris
This program is aimed at portrait photographers, wedding photographers, and artists. Iris offers photographers a simple and intuitive solution to their studio and client management needs. Online booking and scheduling, automated workflows, billing, contracts, and much more. Iris Works is a studio management system developed for artists. After just a few hours of setting up your studio, you are ready to start streamlining your business.

5. StudioNinja

photo management StudioNinja
Studio Ninja is a photography business and customer relationship management application. Created by photographers for photographers, Studio Ninja features a beautifully designed user interface hailed by photographers around the world as very quick to set up, easy to use, and intuitive even for novices.

It is a responsive web application accessible from the web browser of your computer, tablet, and smartphone regardless of its operating system! It automatically sends emails to your prospects/customers and directs them to a dedicated space where they will find all the information concerning them (invoices, contracts, etc.) No software to buy as Studio Ninja works on a monthly or annual subscription.

With Studio Ninja’s address book, your customer information stays up to date and organized! You can easily batch import all of your existing customers using our CSV(Comma-separated values) importer and even embed our contact form on your website, so your prospects’ information loads directly into Studio Ninja for you.

6. Pixifi

photo management Pixifi
Pixifi is an all-in-one flexible system that can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. Pixifi lets your clients schedule transactions and appointments. This allows them to choose from any type of service they may want to use. They can choose which team or member they can work with. You can sync Pixifi with your Google calendar, this gives you easy access to schedule your free days from the time you spend on work for a smoother experience.

Pixifi offers various templates to choose from. This lets you create unique contracts that your clients can digitally sign. This also allows you to send invoices so you can follow expenses thoroughly as well as monitor tax with ease.

7. Evernote

photo management Evernote
Yes we know, Evernote is not software for photographers exclusively, but a content management program with which you can write down all your creative ideas. Some photographs of your inspired locations may be taken, visual material can be uploaded for certain projects or images can be classified by modifying a folder. Evernote is not used to edit or edit pictures but will assist you in the effective organization of your entire content.

8. Shootzilla

photo management Shootzilla
If you’re into old-school ways, Shootzilla gives you traditional, user-friendly introductions to CRM(Customer relationship management) for photographers who would like to broaden their careers to venture into other businesses. Shootzilla’s straightforward system offers workflow templates that can be tailor-fitted to your special projects. This includes, but is not limited to weddings, portraits, and more.

Shootzilla also allows you to personalize email templates by adding your company’s personal touch. Shopzilla’s calendar synchronizes with Google and Apple calendars, this allows you to be notified with tasks that need your attention by launching an email that comes directly from your dashboard.

9. Sprout Studio

photo management tool Sprout Studio
Convenient and easy to use, this software was designed in the United States, Sprout Studio is one of the most popular SaaS in its industry. If you are looking for efficient Photography Studio software, there is no doubt that Sprout Studio will satisfy you.

No need to store, since it is through Sprout Studio that all of your SaaS information will be kept. A good way to make your life easier! No constraints to manage when it comes to maintenance or updates, your editor does them. The Support (phone, email, ticket, Chat), saas mode and Knowledge Base (tutorials, demos) function often popular with Photography Studio users are also available from Sprout Studio, allowing it to be essential software. Sprout Studio can be accessed with just a few clicks, by connecting to the internet, being a software as a service program.

10. Luminar

photo management tool Luminar
For many reasons, Luminar has quickly become one of the most popular photo editors for professional photographers. Luminar is a great photo editor that lets you edit your images manually and with new smart AI tools. You can use it as a stand-alone program for all your image processing, or you can also run it as a plug-in in Photoshop or Lightroom. It is suitable for both Mac and Windows.

Luminar has gained popularity with its AI slider, which performs fast, automatic correction for everything from brightening, clarifying, toning, and other basic adjustments. This is a great photo editor for photographers looking for a quick and easy solution to the image editing process. Other Luminar features include exclusive filters (like the one that lets you add realistic sun rays to your footage), adjustment and image layers, and dedicated presets for DJI drone photos.

11. Squarespace Scheduling

photo management tool Squarespace Scheduling
As the perfect personal assistant for your schedule, but better, Squarespace Scheduling (formerly Acuity) works 24/7 behind the scenes to fill your calendar and make it easier for all clients to book with you. From the moment they make a reservation with you, Squarespace Scheduling is there to automatically send personalized and branded reservation confirmations, send text reminders, allow rescheduling, and process payments to make your study day-to-day smoother when the workload increases. All you have to do is press the shutter.

12. Removal.AI

Removal AI
If you are a product photographer, or your niche requires you to remove and change the background of your photography subjects, Removal.AI is the best tool to assist you in your workflow. Removal.AI can instantly remove the background from your photos using Artificial Intelligence technology that allows it to identify the background from the foreground.

13. Instasize

If you find yourself switching back and forth between different apps to crop, tweak, and apply filters to your photos, Instasize offers a variety of photo-editing tools in one place. While cropping and resizing are the app’s bread and butter, Instasize also offers a good selection of additional features: manipulating exposure and brightness, tint and warmth, shadows and highlights, contrast, sharpness and saturation. There’s also a wide selection of photo filters to choose from.

The app also serves up robust beauty editing tools, unique borders, a collage creator, and the ability to add text — making it easy for anyone at any skill level to add a creative and professional touch to their photos.

14. AdminPhoto

AdminPhoto is much more than just one of the many programs for photographers that you can get on the internet. Through its platform, you have the opportunity not only to get editing tools but many others so that you can manage your entire photography business.

With AdminPhoto it is possible that you store customer data, keep an automated agenda of your work, have control of expenses, and even obtain general reports of your company. And regarding expenses, you may be interested in reading our article with the 5 best billing programs. The truth is that there is nothing you cannot do with their program, keep that in mind.


If you are running a photography business, these solutions and tools mentioned are the best ones to help you in your business workflow. They are the best ways to bring your clients back and give them a wonderful experience founded on a firm basis of consistency and structure. You will be helped by a properly designed customer management solution.

We hope this information helps you find the solution that best suits your photography business. There are several other options available, so do your research, sign up for a trial, and find the one that best meets your needs. There will be a learning curve and a fair amount of configuration, but once you experience the freedom of automation and workflow management, you will never do it manually again.

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