Seven Ideas To Showcase Your Favorite Photos In Your Living Room


Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

We live in an era of a technological boom where great cameras are accessible to almost everyone. No matter where we are, capturing unforgettable moments is no more difficult. Plus, looking at pictures of our achievements, time spent with loved ones, and childhood memories give us endless joy.

And, sometimes, we can’t even resist showcasing these happy moments!

So instead of keeping these images captured in your smartphones or photo albums, why not display them on walls? The living room, where we spend most of our time, is the best place. Additionally, it will enhance the aesthetic value of your house. 

Wondering how?

Here are some fantastic ideas to showcase your memories and experiences on the living room’s wall:

1 Utilize Shelves


Source: Unsplash

Take out the prints of your favorite photos in different sizes and have them framed to keep on shelves. Make sure to get different colors for the frames. Also, consider the color of the shelf where you want to put these pictures. 

For instance, if the shelf is painted in white, frames in dark colors like hot pink, blue, black, and green will look good. Alternatively, if you have brown, wood-colored shelves, opt for frames in red and gold for an elegant touch. 

Once you have picked out the frames, arrange them on the shelves. Make an arrangement of these frames on the shelf by placing the bigger pictures at the back and smaller ones in the front. Additionally, place small flower pots, books, or candles along with the frames to dress up the shelves.

The best feature of this decoration method is that there is no need to hit any nails on the wall. You can effortlessly style an existing bookshelf or ledge with frames that are easily available. 

2. Split Photos On Canvas


Source: Freepik

Split canvas is a style in which a single image splits into three to four canvas prints. These prints are then used in series for the display. This multi-panel style of canvas prints helps you achieve a distinctive look of images.

Additionally, this sophisticated wall art creates a statement for the living room. Just grab a single digital image and send it to a professional canvas printing service. You can choose your desired size, make edits, and get the prints delivered easily. 

Some services even modify the pictures to provide consumers with the best quality. However, make sure you upload a high-resolution photo that requires fewer edits.

3.  Fill Blank Walls With A Big Picture


Source: Unsplash
Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Portraits are the best option for bigger pictures. Get it framed and place them on the wall, at the top of a furniture piece. It can be above a drawer chest, a table, or a sofa. You can put smaller pictures in the surrounding area or use just a single portrait image.

However, make sure that at least a 5-inch distance is present between the frame and the furniture. 

Try to put an adjustable light with its face towards the picture. It will enhance the overall look of the photograph besides making it a contemporary piece.

4. Create A Photo Mural

Converting the digital images into large murals is another great idea to display your favorite memories. Tons of online services can do the job for you. However, you need to make sure that you get perfect quality. Sometimes, the picture looks excellent in a smaller size. But when it converts into a vast wallpaper, we can see a noticeable difference.

Therefore, use the highest resolution picture. In simple terms, the wallpaper size is equal in proportion to the picture resolution.

If you are specifically taking photos for the murals, remember the following tips:

  • Always set your camera to the largest size and least compression.
  • Do not use the zoom function. It will only affect the look of a digital image and spoil wallpaper quality.
  • Use a tripod to adjust the angle and focus the image.
  • Capture multiple photos so that you can opt for the best one.

5. Use Photo Hangers


Use photo hangers
Use photo hangers

Source: Freepik

If using frames sounds outdated, try using the photo hangers. They are available almost everywhere and look perfect for adding a minimalistic appeal. Yes, they don’t cover a lot of space and are great for the modern touch.

You just need to get the print of your best photo. Then, slip it in the hanger, and you are done. Place this hanger above the table or beside the shelf. If the hanger is not too big, never use it in the middle of the wall. Small pictures don’t look good in the center unless you use a collage.

6. Create A Picture Grid


Picture Grid
Picture Grid

Source: Freepik

Create a picture grid if you wish to display a massive collection of photos. But, be careful with the spacing as it needs to be accurate for a neat display. You can use a ruler and put marks on the wall before putting the small pictures. The more images you use, the bigger your grid will be. Paste the photos with poster tape so that it won’t make your wall dirty.

7. Use Fairy Lights

Though framing the photos is still common, you can go for other options too. One of them is just getting the colored prints of the picture. Now, how will you display them?

Take a string of fairy lights and attach the two ends of it with the wall. You can use tape or even put nails on the wall. Then take some cloth hanging clips and clip your photos with them. Put two pins on each image and hang all the pictures in a row. You can make two to three rows, depending upon the size of your wall.

Pro Tip:

Get diagonal prints as they look more distinctive than the regular square shape. For this, rotate the pictures at 45 degrees before getting the photo printed.

Final Words 

In short, these creative ideas will artistically display your best photos. You can use large portraits or make a collage, utilize shelves, or bring photo hangers. Moreover, decorate them with fairy lights or create an exciting appeal with a photo mural.

There is much more that you can do to showcase your memories. Keep trying out more ideas and get a feeling of joy with your amazing and memorable shots.

Kelly Tarbuck
March 2022
Kelly Tarbuck
, England

Kelly is a professional writer with 7+ years of experience. She works closely with B2B and B2C businesses and provides them with resources to gain online visibility. Kelly is also passionate about interior decor and photography. When she is not working, she enjoys reading about politics and going for walks on the beach.

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