GuraGear Sells Tamrac

Another Change in The Industry

GuraGear Bag
GuraGear Bag

The photo industry is changing again with the recent announcement of the sale of Tamrac. Tamrac and Gura Gear until this past week were one company. I am sharing this as I am a believer and user of both the GuraGear and Tamrac. We have shown both brands of camera bags in past articles.

Tamrac Anvil 27
Tamrac Anvil 27
GuraGear Bag Interior
GuraGear Bag Interior

The Anvil 27 has been my go-to camera bag for the last several years. The backpack has all the things I look for in a camera backpack. The Anvil 27 has traveled with me to all the corners of the globe.

The GuraGear bags are my bag of choice for every day and short trip work. They were invented by a friend Andy Biggs and are very popular for their lightweight and ruggedness. I own all three sizes of bags. As I have said in a previous article I suffer from GAS. While I have sold off a lot of camera gear I must confess that I haven’t done so for camera bags. Maybe in the future.

The GuraGear bags come in three sizes the Kiboko 16L 22L and 30L. They were originally made for the Safari Photography market. These bags could hold a lot of gear yet fit in small places and are very lightweight. Perfect for small plane travel.

Trevor Peterson who I know personally and is an avid photographer owned both companies until recently. Now he will focus his efforts totally on the GuraGear brand. I am sure we will see new designs and products over the coming months and years.

The three GuraGear Bags
The three GuraGear Bags

I am happy that both companies will survive and be able to concentrate on the products that they are well known for. I am sure we will be able to review and share the new products as they are released. I am sharing the press release below.

Press Release

GuraGear, an industry leader in ultra-lightweight, innovative carrying solutions, announces the sale of its Tamrac brand. Effective today, newly formed Tamrac Inc., will lead the developing, marketing, and sales of Tamrac products worldwide, under new ownership.

Trevor Peterson, Co-founder and CEO of GuraGear, said, “We could not have found a better group to take-over Tamrac.” Dr. Steven Lau Kok Thai, one of the Directors of Tamrac Inc., stated “We are very excited to acquire a brand with such a long history in the photographic market,” and “we see a huge opportunity to grow the Tamrac brand in the coming years.”

Tamrac Inc., a US-based company, looks forward to a bold vision for the future while maintaining the values and essence of Tamrac’s heritage. Established in 1977 by a group of amateur photographers who enjoyed nature photography. Tamrac has earned its reputation for setting the standard for long-lasting durability and camera protection. Designed solutions focused on protecting and transporting camera equipment, electronics, accessories, and more to meet the progressing demands of creative professionals and enthusiasts alike.

GuraGear will continue to focus on the premium end of the photographic accessories market with the Kiboko 2.0 line of lightweight backpacks, which are built for traveling with gear for outdoor shoots, and the Et Cetera line of accessory pouches, tailored for organizing all the cables, batteries and headphones of today’s digital creatives.

Trevor Peterson, Co-founder and CEO of GuraGear, said, “We are excited to focus on the core products that made GuraGear a cult-classic among extreme outdoor photographers.” 2018 International Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Marsel Van Oosten, calls the Kiboko, “by far the best bag you can buy in this class.”

Peterson emphasized, “Connecting with photographers and showing them how GuraGear can help them succeed as they explore and capture the beauty of the outdoors will be our primary focus in the future.

“We expect more and more people to explore their nearby State and National Parks and other great scenic points in the coming years. With that in mind, we are developing several products that will bring the GuraGear brand into the broader Adventure/Lifestyle category. We look forward to sharing them later this year.”

About GuraGear, LLC
Co-founded by award-winning wildlife photographer Andy Biggs, and passionate amateur photographer and private equity professional Trevor Peterson, GuraGear is an industry leader in ultra-lightweight, innovative carrying solutions. Designed by photographers for photographers, Guragear bags are the bag of choice for photographers looking to carry large amounts of gear onto an airplane, and into the field.
About Tamrac, Inc
Tamrac, Inc. is a US-based manufacturer of Camera/Photographic equipment bags and Backpacks/Rucksacks.
Established in 1977 by a group of amateur photographers who enjoyed nature photography.

Kevin Raber
June 2020
Kevin Raber
Indianapolis, IN

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