George Schaub

George Schaub

Guilford, CT

George Schaub served as Executive Editor of Popular Photography, Editorial Director of the photo group at PTN Publishing, and Editorial Director of Shutterbug Magazine. He served as an Adjunct Professor in the Visual Arts Department at the New School...
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I made this image using an old Rolleiflex on 120 Tri-X film shot in about 1986. I store my negatives in archival sleeves, yet time and tide do take a toll. After scanning this image in 2010 I brought it into Photoshop and added grain and did some easy burn work with a soft brush to deepen the sky and mood.

The Scanning Project

Part 1 Like many folks who made photos during the film days, I disassembled my darkroom years back. I contributed the equipment to schools that still teach the chemical craft. Yet, I still had boxes and sleeves with transparencies and black and...

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