Losing pop when enlarging a print from letter size to 11×17

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  • Tony Siciliano
    Tony Siciliano
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    on: March 1, 2023 at 1:42 am


    I am in the process of making a portfolio of my landscape photos to give to my children. I picked 20 of my favorites and spent a lot of time on each one re editing, soft-proofing, and making multiple letter sized prints until I get one that seems perfect to me. I am using LR and Photoshop and printing on an Epson P900 using Moab Entrada Natural, a relatively smooth matte paper. I made my first jump up in size today from a letter sized print to a 9×13 (on 11×17 paper) and I see some obvious changes in contrast, saturation and brightness. It’s as if I clicked Soft Proof again and the “pop” of the photo diminished slightly. Much subtler than jumping from a monitor photo to a soft proofed matte finish, but there nonetheless. So I am back to square one with the photo, which will need new changes in whites, blacks, contrast, etc. to retain the look of the letter sized print. However this time I am printing on larger paper and the ink use and cost of paper will add up since I am a perfectionist and will undoubtedly have to make several tries to get the larger prints look the way I want. Any workflow suggestions to keep the cost down and avoid making 2-4 large prints to get it right? Or is this just the way it is making quality larger prints? Thanks!!


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