How Not to Hold a Rangefinder

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  • Chris Kern
    Chris Kern
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    on: July 13, 2023 at 4:06 pm

    Throughout the Wes Anderson film Asteroid City, Jason Schwartzman’s character wears a rangefinder camera on a short strap around his neck.  Evidently, nobody ever explained to the actor how a rangefinder actually works: see the attached screen grab from a promotional photo for the movie.

    Not Like This

    The camera has a fictional label, “Müller-Schmid Swiss Mountain Camera,” but the prop actually appears to be a Zeiss Contax III from the 1930s or a postwar Kiev—a clone of the Contax made in Ukraine.  I own a Contax II (without the top-mounted light meter) and the corresponding Kiev model, and while I can attest from experience that it’s easy enough to inadvertently cover the rangefinder window, it’s rather obvious that you have done so if you’re really trying to shoot a picture.


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