Files from Lightroom Mobile to Classic – Help!

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  • Simon Simpson
    Simon Simpson
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    Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw
    on: January 22, 2021 at 9:27 am

    I want to accomplish something very simple.

    I installed Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone so I can take DNG files using the iPhone’s camera and then I want to import them into Lightroom Classic on my iMac for editing.

    I have tried using Lightroom’s Cloud synchronising facility but I ended-up with a mess of duplicated images and Classic endlessly trying to synch. I turned it off.

    The DNG files are on my iPhone. I can plug my iPhone into my Mac. I can download JPGs taken using the iPhone’s camera app but the ‘Import’ function in Lightroom does not see any of Lightroom Mobile’s DNG files.

    I have looked on the internet for help but most articles use synching, and others are incomprehensible to me (or perhaps I just haven’t found the right one yet). I have fiddled with my phone but I still have not been able to export any files. Several of the share and export functions on the iPhone want to convert the DNG to a JPG first. I do not want that.

    Something so simple seems so complicated to achieve. Or is it just me ?

    I would really appreciate any help and guidance.

    Michael Schertzberg
    Michael Schertzberg
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    Re: Files from Lightroom Mobile to Classic – Help!
    Reply #1 on: January 24, 2021 at 1:24 pm

    I think I have a similar setup as you:

    – iPhone with LR mobile installed (setup to capture raw dng files)

    – Mac Desktop computer, with LR classic

    I, personally, have not had any issues with the automatic syncing function between my desktop and phone via the Adobe Cloud functions. I works well and is seamless. (I don’t allow LR mobile to access my camera roll on the iPhone, I use use it only for its raw capture functionality).

    I tried plugging my phone into my Mac, and also wasn’t able to find the dng files from the computer directly. They seem to be stored within the LR mobile app, and inaccessible.

    One potential work around: you could export the dng files from LR mobile into another location on your phone that is accessible. From the share menu in LR mobile you can go to “Export as…” at the bottom and select “Original” as the file type. Click the checkmark and a popup will appear asking where you want the files to go. From there you can export them into a “cloud drive”, such as iCloud/Dropbox or anything else you have installed to sync with your Mac, or you can even Airdrop them directly to your Mac if you are standing nearby.

    Hope this helps…


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