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  • Jonathan Cross
    Jonathan Cross
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    on: January 15, 2024 at 5:57 pm

    I have an iPhone 12 Pro, which takes 12MP images, and I usually shoot RAW.  I used it on a trip to Egypt along with a 26MP APS-C camera using 2 lenses, 18-55 and 55-200.  All the images were processed in LR Classic.   I printed a couple of iPhone images at 18″ x 12″ on A3+ (13″ x19″) paper, having  used Super Resolution to give me a some headroom to crop, including to 3×2 format and enough pixels to print at 300 per inch on a Canon Pro 300.  The people to whom I have shown my favourite images printed at 18×12 had great difficulty saying which are the iPhone images.  In general, they are surprised at how well they have printed.

    If I upgrade to a 15pro or pro max, I can take 48MP with the main camera,  otherwise at 12MP as I understand it. What advantages are there over the 12pro apart from the 48MP main camera?

    Are the 48MP images that much better than 12pro super resolution images?  Are the 12MP iPhone 15 images, with super resolution applied, sufficiently better than those of the 12pro with super resolution, taking into account the upgrade cost with trade in?  Given that each year Apple improve the iPhones, should I wait for the 16 in the hope that it will have more 48MP coverage and have an even bigger upgrade cost?

    This is a classic cost/benefit set of questions.  Any help would be appreciated.




    Kevin Raber
    Kevin Raber
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    Re: Upgrade my iPhone?
    Reply #1 on: January 16, 2024 at 9:59 am

    I upgraded ti the iPhone 15 and love it.  The 48MP file is something to behold when printeed.  See my Article On This Site from images I did with the old iPHone.  I am on one of those Apple plans where I pay for the phone by the month and at the end of the year I can trdae it in for a new one.  Aprox cost is 68.00/ mo.  I just did a set of family photos ona recent weekend away and the file are great.  Export them out of the photos app as unmodified files and bring them into LR.  Detail and color is really nice.  I use a tripod with remote triggering devive.  I’ll do a short artilce on it so you can see how easy it is.

    Next year rumors are saying the telephoto lens will be a longer length and the wide angle camera will have a 48mp sensor.  To me it is worth the upgrade.  Check to see if Apple is still offering the get a new phone every year program.

    Kevin Raber
    Owner and Publisher of photoPXL

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