The Epson P900 Set up Video

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  • Remko Stibbe
    Remko Stibbe
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    on: November 3, 2023 at 1:43 pm

    Dear Kevin,

    Watch your P900 setup video and enjoyed it! And really like you being an advocate for printing; your enthusiasm is enticing.

    Two remarks. In the article itself you mention that the printer has 12 inks. That most probably is a typo of some sorts as the P900 has 10 inks. Next point is about your remark that the cartridges are starter cartridges. In itself that is correct, as once the printer is setup and for some reason you have another set of starter cartridges, these will not be accepted any longer by the printer. But the amount of ink in each of those starter cartridges is the same as in the regular ones. In the video you mention twice that that is not the case. Quite some people weighted the cartridges when full – both the starter ones and the regular ones. And that is how it is known that – this time – Epson did not cheap out.




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