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  • Edwin Genaux
    Edwin Genaux
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    on: July 15, 2020 at 3:36 pm

    I started with Sony in 2014 and started with the A7s mainly because it would do 5 frames at +/- 3 ev, it was the age of HDR what can I say, but also I could  use all my Canon film FD and EF-S lenses. But 6 months later I learned it was the best camera for Astro Milky Ways, that changed my life to the quiet times of night and the Hummingbird sparkle colors of the Milky Way and night sky. A lot of lenses, first the popular Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 but with barrel/mustache lens problems could not process for a year. But Trey Ratcliff, HDR landscaper, found the E 1018 f/4 (APS-C) to work on full frame bodies at 12mm (just below 13mm), I found if the light shield was removed it was good to 18mm, a star is born 2015. On the A7s it was great even at the 500 rule with pin point stars and no distortions and Lr had the lens correction. The 12MP sensor had big pixels and gathered a lot of light so even at f/4 it was super bright in night capture, also IS/AF and used screw on filters (filters for control of amber sky glow) a dream lens. Then 2017 the SEL1224G f/4 and even better!!!

    n owI went through several other lenses due to f/2.8 and the f/1.8 but found that faster glass had a hard time fighting the physics of light traveling through glass and watched reviews of those lenses even the f/1.4 where users would state the lenses had to be used at f/2 or f/2.8 just for the coma problems in the corners and softness and out of focus in the foregrounds. One review showed where some driftwood was out of focus and required a second shot for the foreground to be blended in post and stacking of sky for noise control.

    Now comes Sony SEL1224GM f/2.8!!! A new star of the night and landscape. 2.8 is a sweet spot for starlight at night, if Sony could have made a 1.8 or 1.4 they would have, but price hum!!! I love Sony for one main reason it’s pricing, yes there are a lot of pros out there but to me Sony understands where the bread and butter is and that is the hobbyist or casual photographer for there are more of them. Full Frame Canon/Nikon will empty your pockets fast. Off brands had their fast glass but were longer/heaver for designed for mirrored DSLR requiring necking down for Sony, yes I fell for the Sigma 14mm f/1.8 it is heaver  than Sony’s 200-600mm and for pinpoint stars needed 2 or 2.8 but still very bright because of it’s large opening glass.

    I preordered this lens after seeing reviews, a lot of stupid ones, but the Astro shots made me a believer and this review made me Soooo! Happy I did. Yes almost $3K but there is the almost $2K f/4 and the $1K E 1018 for all night photographers to start at. This lens is not only just 12mm but up to 36mm in APS-C so panoramas getting closer with sharper detail at night is also possible.

    Now for the hair in the soup Filters!!! There are many types a CPL is of no use at 12mm so to slow down water yes ND’s and the idea of film filters is good but a third party will make some ready made. Also for night sky there are ones that clip onto the Sony sensor. But for those long hikes into nowhere land there is Sony Playmemories apps Digital Filter app for Mark ii models and below. Also if I may ask everyone to contact Lenscoat  for a lenscoat for this lens. It will keep the lens more weather resistant as well as warmer on those cold nights while out doing Astro shooting and protect against heat on hot days they do not make for either the f/4 or 2.8 yet. I love them on the 200-600mm, 24240 and 90 2.8 lenses

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