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  • Gerner Christensen
    Gerner Christensen
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    on: October 1, 2019 at 1:13 pm

    Hi again friends..

    …and again I couldn’t find any comments to Kevins review of the Sony 7R4 where he compares it to cameras as Fuji GXF 50and the uber Phase One.

    I have been on the fence about moving from my two 7R3’s to two 7R4’s, but ran into thoughts on such as difraction kicking in earlier, bigger demands to lens accuracy and precission alignment, hand holding sensibility, focus precision using shallow DOF despite eye focus and such.
    All that holded me back and I simply left the though buying the new cameras. So far. I didn’t want a pure tripod demanding camera.

    I am always on the fence when Sony moves the tech. and now I am just insane curious how the A9II is and if it has a suitable 36MP sensor which is enough for me. (Said the old Nikon D810 user 🙂

    It’s about time Sony lifts the scene carpet and show what they got. Am I agin to change ieteration or I can happily live on with the 7R3.
    Now for the sake of sharing,  the 7R3 is eronomically just improving so much mounting a Gabale L-Plate. I use judt the buttom plate and my God how that imroves the comfort shooting the camera:
    No I am not involved in the commercial part of this product. Just enjoying it.

    Eric Brody
    Eric Brody
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    Re: Sony a7R IV
    Reply #1 on: October 1, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    I’m going through the same “agony,” even though this is a classic first world problem. I don’t print more than 20″ (unless I decide to spend $4,650 and get the new Epson 24″ super printer), am a mostly tripod based person, and continue to be amazed with the quality of the files from the A7R3. I’m even one of those people who regularly uses the pixel shift feature. I have a excellent set of lenses, mostly GM and Batis so the extra MP don’t worry me. I have only the R3, so for some upcoming major travel, I’d like to have a backup body. I’ve even considered getting another R3 since the prices have fallen but I’m a sucker for megapixels and new technology. I realize this is solely my decision and no one can really advise me but it’s a nice problem to have. I’ve read and watched videos so do not suffer from lack of information. We’ll see…

    Kevin Raber
    Kevin Raber
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    Re: Sony a7R IV
    Reply #2 on: October 1, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    The testing continues.  I am leaving for a road trip to Charleston SC and will be doing some serious landscape work with a7r iv with comparisons to the a7r iii.  I also have the a9 with me so there may be a series with each.  My intention is to provide files for download so readers can compare images for themselves. So far I am impressed with the files.  I am noticing more noise at higher ISOs and I am a bit surprised at that as I have been accustomed to good high ISO performance.  I will say the jury is out on this for now but just wanted to share one observation.  I am impressed with the pixel-shift capability.

    The IBIS works great as expected. I was able to do a sharp image at 1/8th of a second.  it’s nice to know in a pinch if needed that sharp images can be done.

    On the trip, I am taking I am planning on doing a rolling report so watch for that.  I am working on the report for the GFX and a number of other projects.  Stay tuned for these.

    I have to admit the a9ii rumors are interesting but frankly, the a9 with the newest firmware just released is really nice still.

    So, be a bit patient and I will get these reports done.



    Kevin Raber
    Owner and Publisher of photoPXL

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