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  • Chuck Augenbraun
    Chuck Augenbraun
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    on: August 13, 2023 at 10:47 pm

    Just finished watching Kevin’s interview with Juliana Chyzhova from Skylum.

    I have been using Neo as a plugin within Lightroom and was interested in hearing Kevin describe that he has created both Lightroom and Skylum catalogues based off the same photo folder that houses his photo files.  While this makes sense I have been hesitant to do anything that might mess with the folder that contains the photo files which my Lightroom catalogue uses.

    My question – Is it safe to create both Lightroom and Neo catalogues that are referencing the same folder containing all of my photos?  If all the edits to a given Raw file are held in the catalogue it would seem to be OK unless you move a file within either Catalogue.  Has anyone had a problem with creating a separate Neo catalogue using the same folder that is referenced by Lightroom?

    Thanks for your thoughts and thanks to Kevin for a nice interview with Skylum




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