NEW Sony a9 Article…What Am I Going To Do?


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  • Kevin Raber
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    on: October 4, 2019 at 10:30 am

    I just posted my opinion and info on the new Sony a9ii cameras on the home page. Read it HERE

    Gerner Christensen
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    Re: NEW Sony a9 Article…What Am I Going To Do?
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    I am a 7R3 user and have more than one of them to cover a fall back solutions because of abslutely lousy Sony service where I live. Biased by SAR rumors, which had one important thing wrong IMO, the 36 MP sensor designed like the A9. My perfect compromize to the picture size I print. I saw my chance as a still image shooter to have a silent best tracking and AF camera ever existed. I was excited. Video? I have no interest at all and can’t care less how hybrid cameras performs. It’s indifferent to me. Still image only. When I saw what A9II really is, I realized I had my expectations wrong. It’s a camera for photo journalism and sports where interconnect to the receipient speed has high priority and it has on events like the Olympics and other on time documented events. I wanted a sort of 7R4 but without the unusable 61 MP files (for me) and with higher noise and much bigger files. Also the A9’s, both, has kept lossy compressed 14 bit files to Sony AWR 3.2.1. format! Posterization artifacts may not be a prolem to you, but it’s a problem to me. But I learned a lesson I think. We Sony shooters have come to expect revolutions at each iteration of a 7 camera due to the past few years speedy developments. Or am I wrong? Anyways I sit back, maybe a bit disappointed, because I don’t want a 7R4 and now see the A9II was not at all adressed to me. Well I stay where I am with my wonderful 7R3’s and shoot happily on and getting excellent results from it. Improvements important to me is showing up in the future I am sure 🙂
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