Never ending quest, Part 2

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    on: July 3, 2020 at 10:15 am

    You listed these criteria:


    Resolution – for given sensor size, relates to pixel density and capture of fine detail

    Noise Generation – caused by heat build-up from high pixel densities and using high ISO’s

    Dynamic Range – how many exposure zones in f-stop equivalents a sensor can handle between pure white and pure black beyond which no detail information exists

    Color Accuracy – Fidelity of color recording, usually related to sampling levels & sensor design

    Color Gamut – the amount of color information a sensor produces, e.g. 16-bit vs 14-bit

    Sensor Uniformity – the extent to which quality control can eliminate errant pixels & flaws

    I believe that artifacts are a big component of IQ. Raw file, mostly sensor-based, artifacts include, but are not limited to:

    • Luminance aliasing
    • False-color aliasing
    • PDAF striping
    • PDAF banding
    • Amp glow
    • Blooming (not so much anymore)
    • Stepper inconsistencies — probably included in sensor uniformity
    • Column ADC/amp inconsistencies — probably included in sensor uniformity
    • Spatial filtering (eg star-eating)
    • Compression artifacts (like craw’s)

    Also, precision and gamut are different things. Changing precision from 16 to 14 bits does not affect gamut.



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