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  • Terry McDonagh
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    on: December 5, 2019 at 4:47 am

    Nice to see the article but I think you’re not really giving the best advice.
    i do a lot of food photography for restaurants etc and your techniques are too stiff for today’s styles.

    by using a tripod your slowing down your workflow and really limiting your angles.
    i used to use one all the time but one day I decided to get a bit more fluid so I shoot it almost all handheld. This way you can get some amazing angles that you are missing. Some dishes are best overhead and others very low. I have the tripod on standby but it completely changes the pace.
    by going handheld you can do a wide shot and then move in changing your dof as u go. Modern cameras can go up to about 1000 iso and are still very sharp so a tripod isn’t essential.
    On lighting it’s a personal thing but again I use flash as I have total control. In Ireland it’s sunny one minute and wet later so the quality of light is not consistent.
    the new battery operated profoto with remote control are incredible as you can change ratios and depending on the dish can really bring it to life. And the go very low in power so I can shoot at f1.4 if I want and then go to f8 for same dish in a moment.
    good on you for writing the article but give it a try handheld and you’ll be surprised how much more you get.

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