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  • Lorne Anderson
    Lorne Anderson
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    Epson Printers
    on: February 3, 2024 at 11:46 am

    When I start the Epson Photo+ software it offers me 14 folder choices, none of which contain my photos.  I keep my photos in the Public Photos folder.  I know I can get there by pressing several links from the “This PC” link but I would prefer to delete all 14 links I do not need and add just the one I do need which is D:\public\Pictures.  I can’t find anything in the registry or AppData or cfg files in the install folder that can do this.  Is it possible ?

    Second issue is that I only use this software to print picture so I always use the high quality print setting but it defaults to standard quality.  Is it possible to startup with High Quality selected ?

    Printer is Photo Expression XP-970 but I do not think that is relevant.

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