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  • Oliver Ritter-Wolff
    Oliver Ritter-Wolff
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    on: November 1, 2020 at 9:16 am

    Recently, the French company DXO has launched version 4 of its RAW converter DXO.

    This has interested me in so far as I work from time to time and parts in my family regularly with version 3 and already this good editing possibilities has made the very good results possible. Here the new AI function DeepPRIME: “Simultainious denoising and demosaicing” is of particular interest.

    I tried this with a few older mFT-photos, which I took at higher ISO values and which show a quite high noise. You are surprised, because the DeepPrime function gets a lot out of this and improves the image result noticeably.

    At one point or the other there were also further fine-tuning in the user interface as well as in the RAW image processing and the DAM functions, so that we made the update for relatively little money.





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