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  • Jean-Michel Komarnicki
    Jean-Michel Komarnicki
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    on: August 21, 2019 at 4:15 pm

    I have some left-over amateur-type darkroom stuff from a relative. All free if you can use it, just pay for the shipping.


    • 11 by 14 Kodak Easel (in god condition)

    • Saunders-Omega easel for making multiple 4×5 prints. The easel has a 4×5 opening and you move the 8×10 sheet under the mask. The mask plate has some corrosion but looks just fine

    • 2 sets of Kodak Polycontrast filters with under the lens holders, in the original boxes

    • 8×10 contact printing frame (classic wood frame)

    • 4×5 contact printing frame (cheap one)

    • 4×5 contact printer

    • Spot-O-matic enlarging analyzer, in its original box ( more of a ‘interesting’ item than a useful one)

    • 2 enlarging focus scopes (1 LPL, one B&L)

    • Watson 66B bulk film loader

    • Plastic Anscomatic development tank and reel

    • 50mm Kodak enlarging lens


    Let me know if you are interested in any or all the items. Just pay the cost of mailing.


    I am in Ontario, east of Toronto.


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