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  • Oliver Ritter-Wolff
    Oliver Ritter-Wolff
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    on: September 13, 2020 at 5:41 am

    … a great overview of the new functions and possibilities in C1 v12, even we now have v20.  Especially the layers and masks give the image editor completely new possibilities to adapt and optimize his own workflow. Very good introduction for newcomers and re-starters to C1.

    Much of what I used to do at the end of my workflow with Photoshop or Affintiy Photo, I can now do directly in C1.

    It would also be interesting to learn more about “sharpening” RAW-sharpening and output-sharpening in C1.

    Currently I still do my output sharpening in Affintiy in color space LAB via the brightness channel. The question is how good an output sharpening of C1 compares to that?



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