Breathing Color River Stone Rag

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  • Daniel Koretz
    Daniel Koretz
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    on: September 28, 2020 at 2:14 pm

    Someone posted a while ago saying that River Stone straight out of the box has a strong and smell that isn’t like a baryta and that the website says only that it has a “baryta style” finish. I’ve played with this paper a good bit and like it a lot, but I was still curious, so I wrote them. Here’s their reply:

    “River Stone is not made with barium sulphate, that is correct. We refer to the product as a microporous paper, technically, but I would not go into which various components we use during manufacturing since those details are proprietary/confidential. The website language is essentially saying that River Stone is an alternative to the traditional baryta construction.”

    I’m not sure I should care, since my informal testing and Mark Segal’s testing indicate that the paper performs very well, but I thought that this might be of interest.

    (I would have to change my artist’s statement at the gallery where I show my work because it specifically references using baryta papers….)

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