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  • Jonathan Cross
    Jonathan Cross
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    on: April 4, 2024 at 1:22 pm

    We went to Horizon 2  at 22 Bishopsgate in London.  This is a viewing gallery that only opened last year and is the highest in Europe, higher than that of the Shard.  It also has the fastest lift in Europe, 58 floors in 45 seconds, and very smooth.  The gallery is large with around 270 degree views covering all bar the north.  The views over London and beyond are wonderful.  It is free and you can stay as long as you want in opening hours, but you have to book a ticket with a 30 minute entry slot.

    Attached are couple of shots, one of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.  The other is looking east from the City of London to the other business district of Canary Wharf with the Thames winding its way round the Isle of Dogs towards Greenwich.  The Canary Wharf image was taken with an iPhone 12 Pro, the other with a Fuji X-E4 which I love.  My only problem with B&W on the iPhone is that I cannot work out how to get the Fuji Acros conversion which is so easy with the X-E4.




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