Anyone here running an Epson s80600?

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  • Dan Berg
    Dan Berg
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    on: June 10, 2022 at 5:33 am

    We recently purchased our first 64” solvent printer. It did not come with the Onyx rip as it was purchased at a bankruptcy auction. It runs pretty good with Epson Edge Print Rip. The downside is Epson does not allow you to load any profiles into the program. (I am still checking into that.) Trying to not purchase the $4000 Onyx Thrive rip if I can help it. I have the Roland Bn-20a solvent print cut but want to do some bigger print cut with the Epson. The Onyx is a print cut solution all in one rip but that price keeps haunting me. Anyone here running a big solvent with another rip solution?

    Dan Berg
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