Announcing Avalanche for Capture One 1.0

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    on: April 28, 2021 at 3:20 pm

    I thought a few folks may be interested in this announcement . . . sounds interesting.

    April 28, 2021 

    Montpellier, France – CYME today announces the release and immediate availability of a new version of Avalanche, the photo migration software for macOS with Machine Learning capabilities.  


    Avalanche for Capture One 1.0 brings the powerful features of Avalanche to those users who want to migrate their Aperture, Luminar 4, Luminar AI or Lightroom catalogs to Capture One.


    Like all versions of Avalanche, Avalanche for Capture One transfers photo catalogs from one application to another while retaining a large portion of the changes and edits made in the original editing software. It also preserves the organization of the catalogs, thanks to the migration of user collections, projects, annotations and tags. 


    “Avalanche for Capture One is the missing solution that was anxiously awaited by Capture One users,” says Matthieu Kopp, CYME co-founder and CTO.  “We are delighted to add Capture One as a supported destination for your catalogs and bring the kind of fidelity that photographers expect when migrating catalogs. Avalanche for Capture One has multiple dedicated Machine Learning models trained on thousands of images to achieve such results. Due to the technical excellence of Capture One, we had to raise the bar of our automatic learning algorithms, and I am very happy with the quality of preservation of adjustments between apps. We also added some Capture One-specific options to make our migration even more versatile and powerful, and go beyond what was achievable until now.”  


    Avalanche Unlimited has been updated too, with full support for Capture One. “It delivers even more on the promise to move all our images with metadata, organization structure and adjustments between a growing list of editing applications,” says Thomas Ribreau, co-founder of CYME. “It is the best version of Avalanche to date, giving its users a much wanted freedom of choice. And the update is free.”  

    Features include:

    • Intuitive user interface to access all the catalogs present on connected volumes.
    • Ability to analyze the content of the catalogs prior to conversion (masters, versions…)
    • Ability to keep track of converted catalogs, their locations and their source. Source and destination apps can be launched from within Avalanche.
    • Full support for migrating masters and versions, both for pictures and videos.
    • Full support for managed and referenced photos, with many ways to configure the folder hierarchy and copy options.
    • Full migration of all annotations (all IPTC fields), keywords, tags and face detections.
    • Specific options to migrate the geo-location of images (if they have been edited in the source catalog).
    • Full migration of all collections, albums, sets and projects. Avalanche will try to replicate the organization features present in the source catalog. 
    • Detection of images on offline volumes.
    • Migration enhanced by Machine Learning trained on thousands of images. All standard edits (white balance, light, color) are migrated using ML in such a way that the image will look the same in the destination catalog.
    • Full support of Black and White conversion using ML for highest fidelity.
    • Migration of some more complex edits: Curves, Levels, Vignetting, Sharpening…
    • Support for migrating previews in addition to masters and versions.
    • Self-assessment of the quality of conversion. Avalanche creates 3 dedicated Collections where it puts the migrated images based on conversion fidelity, to make it easy to identify the pictures that probably need to be reviewed.
    • Safety and security : Avalanche will never modify your source catalog; and, all the catalog and image processing is run locally. 


    Avalanche for Capture One and Avalanche Unlimited require MacOS 10.14 or higher and are fully compatible with MacOS Big Sur. 

    They run natively on the new Mac M1. Avalanche is compatible with Aperture catalogs starting with version 3.6, Lightroom catalogs starting with version 5, Capture ne from 20 and Luminar catalogs starting with version 4.2. Approximately 145 MB of free space are required, 4 GB of memory (8 GB recommended) and enough space to accommodate converted libraries. 
    A working version of Apple Aperture or Lightroom is not required to migrate the libraries, because Avalanche opens these libraries in native mode.

    Pricing and Availability

    Avalanche for Capture One is priced at $59 USD and is available exclusively through the developer store. Avalanche Unlimited is $119 USD and is available through both the Apple Store and the developer store.

    Review codes are available to qualified journalists upon request.


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