An Englishman in France

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    on: June 3, 2020 at 8:47 pm

    An Englishman drove to France for his daughter’s wedding. The ceremony was beautiful

    and the reception joyous, with a fair amount of alcohol consumed .

    On the way home, a French policeman stopped the car. He approached the Englishman

    and said “Sir, I stopped you merely for a license check, but I now smell the strong odor

    of  alcohol. How much have you had to drink?”

    The Englishman replied “My daughter was just married. At the reception I had three of four glasses

    of Champagne, a glass of cognac after the meal, and later perhaps four or five whiskies.”

    The policeman had him step out of the car upon which he failed the dexterity screening miserably.

    The policeman said “You know, sir, that I am required to take you in?”

    The Englishman replied “Well, if you must. But you do know that this is a British car

    and my wife is driving?”

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