Louis Foubare’s low volume, high quality book, LES PARISIENS sells for $129 and on this site includes free shipping within the USA. Personalized copies available at no extra charge.



The images of Paris presented in this book are assembled over many years where Louis lived years ago before photography became his vocation during which time he became a multiple award winning photographer. His unique and unusual street and environmental portraitures often invoke a reaction in the brain where one does not expect to see people involved in the type of daily routines presented in this book. 
This collection of images are not what one would expect to find upon visiting Paris on your own as they are special moments not often seen let alone photographed. The majority of images are in Black and White with some color images and one special moment is presented as a color two-page image. Each image in the book has an explanation of why it was captured with additional commentary on the instinctive moment of capture throughout the book.
The hardcover low volume, high quality book measures a large 12×12” or 30x30cm. Custom signed copies are available at no additional fee. The cost per book is $129 with free shipping in the US. International shipping available at an added cost. Kindly contact us at [email protected] for a shipping quote.
Some examples of page images are provided below.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 cm


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12x12x1 inches