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  • Bob will introduce “the 4-Phases” of processing the digital image that will lead you to your “Artistic Vision”. This book’s processing “tips” range from simple to advanced and are not software specific… they will affect the way you process and present your digital photography.


    Processing The Digital Image

  • This book is for anyone seeking to learn efficient workflows for scanning film media and maximizing image quality from scanned media, whether positive transparencies or color/B&W negatives. It describes the use of SilverFast 8 and SilverFast HDR 8 either as stand-alone applications or used in carefully documented workflows including Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It addresses in detail the perennial question of “What do I do Where”.


    Scanning Workflows With SilverFast 8 – SilverFast HDR

  • There is one optimum exposure in digital photography – and, it is NOT the camera’s metered exposure. This book defines The Optimum Digital Exposure: What it is, its Benefits and exposure Methods to achieve it!
    …If you take your digital photography seriously this is a must read.
    (this PDF book has lots of active internet links to support the book’s concepts.)  $20.00 USD PDF download 


    The Optimum Digital Expsoure