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I love visiting Earth’s beautiful places and I want to record what I see. I do this to enjoy them again later and to share them with others. I do not try to record what I think other people will think is beautiful. My photos are for me and for me t...
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    dpreview at the end
    on: March 22, 2023 at 10:09 am

    There are lots of good photography review sites on the Web. There are places to find great expert perspectives on photography in general, including PhotoPXL. The part of DPReview that was unique was their Forum. Where can I find a discussion of:

    • the new version of XYZ software.
    • Or my camera is stuck in such and such a mode.Help
    • I just tested three different noise reduction SWs and here are the results.
    • What do you all think of using the new 90mm macro lens for insect photography?
    • I’m going to be traveling to Milan this July and was wondering if there is a good place to take a panorama of the city?

    These are not formal article submission to a photo Website for review by an editor before publishing. These are on-the-fly comments and questions. I have posted these kinds of thing on DPReview many times (my profile says I have started 167 threads and made 1,589 comments). But I have read many, many more threads over the years. DPReview has actually been a part of my daily routine.

    Someone has to pickup the photography forum mantle. A site that is lightly moderated to try and keep comments on topic and not allow too many personal attacks. My guess is the review staff at DPReview was the bulk of the cost of the site and the cost of the Forums was less. But there is a cost to manage and store a Forum. It will be difficult to find someone to do this. If Amazon Web Services with their world-leading online storage doesn’t want to do it, who will?