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Capture One

Recent Articles

“Stripes”, 2015, Village of Oak Creek, Cottonwood, AZ

Serendipity God’s Gift to Photographers – Part II

The purpose of this three-part article is to review my experiences with serendipitous capture... Read more

Maynard Dixon Clouds

Inspired by David Pye
 Part 6 – Invention and Conclusion

What Does Quality Mean? David Pye Introduction In the previous essay I introduced Pye’s... Read more

Technical Cameras – Using Camera Movements in the Field

Camera Movements Early in the first article, I mentioned camera movements: A primary benefit... Read more

“Flower Pickers”, 2009, Tuscany, IT

Serendipity: God’s Gift to Photographers – Part 1

In past articles, I stressed the value of research and planning in preparation for... Read more