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  • This book is for anyone seeking to learn efficient workflows for scanning film media and maximizing image quality from scanned media, whether positive transparencies or color/B&W negatives. It describes the use of SilverFast 8 and SilverFast HDR 8 either as stand-alone applications or used in carefully documented workflows including Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It addresses in detail the perennial question of “What do I do Where”.


    Scanning Workflows With SilverFast 8 – SilverFast HDR

  • There is one optimum exposure in digital photography – and, it is NOT the camera’s metered exposure. This book defines The Optimum Digital Exposure: What it is, its Benefits and exposure Methods to achieve it!
    …If you take your digital photography seriously this is a must read.
    (this PDF book has lots of active internet links to support the book’s concepts.)  $20.00 USD PDF download 


    The Optimum Digital Expsoure