In the surf
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Ken Rennie
Brampton, Cumbria

In the surf

August 11, 2019

I spent a happy 30 minutes watching the waves tossing this wave-worn bough around before I decided that getting close and wet might get me a decent image. Taken at Saltwick Bay, North Yorkshire, Nikon D810, Tamron 24-70 @ 32mm, f8, 2s exposure. I was trying to photograph the backwash around the large piece of driftwood and this was one of the few images that was sharp. Surf, soft sand and long’ish exposures don’t really go together. Ken

Apertue/8·ISO/64·Exposure/2·Focal Length/32
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  • Joerg Thomas Klein - 2 years ago
    I like this picture. More than once it popped up here and every time I took a closer look. As I said before, I like it.
  • Ken Rennie - 3 years ago
    Yes Mike I have tried stacking multiple images but prefer using a ND filter. Unfortunately I find it impossible to work out how the resultant image will turn out. What I need to do is carefully examine the rear LCD and reshoot if blurred. What I used to do was check the backwash patterns only. Ken
  • Mike Nelson Pedde - 3 years ago
    Have you tried capturing multiple images and stacking them? Works sometimes, and a bit different than an ND filter. A very old post on the subject...