On The Rocks – Canon Cameras and Other Stuff

Another Fun On The Rocks
Another Fun On The Rocks

It’s time to have fun again as you will soon find outing this new edition of On The Rocks. We are back unmasked and uncensored. It’s time to talk photography and cameras.

In this episode, we focus on the Canon CAmera mirrorless market. Phil Gibson leads off with a timeline for what’s been happening with Canon Cameras.

Canon has put all its resources into the mirrorless line and has introduced several new and capable cameras, not to mention some great and different glass.

Phil explains the r6 and r5 cameras and the new lenses. Phil explains a bit about the wider mount for Cannon cameras and what that means. Phil shows us the 600mm f/11 lens as well as the 800mm f/11 lens. Sound crazy, but Phil walks us through Canon’s thinking. He also claims the AF performance has taken a giant leap with this new system.

Jody and Phil predict. New pro camera in time for the Olympics that will be on par with the Sony a1.

We continue with some discussion on the Nikon mirrorless cameras. Everyone agrees that Nikon ikon needs to release a pro camera like Canon and Sony are doing. Nikon is still slipping in shipping products.

We then talk about the other companies, especially Fuji, and their impact on the market. We even have a little talk about Leica and how they do business the way they do. Phil and Jody try to figure out where Panasonic fits into the market. A summary of that is they are focused on the video market.

Phil Gibson and Jody Grober

In the end, we had some fun, we talked about cameras, and we share some laughs with you, our readers.

We’ll be back with more On n The Rocks, especially now that we are all vaccinated and can get together safely. Stay tuned for more.

A special thanks go out to Michael Durr for handling three cameras, the sound, and trying his best to keep the three of us under control. Also, a shout out to Roberts Camera for allowing us to borrow Phil and Jody for these videos. Make sure you check our Roberts if you haven’t already. There is not a better place to buy your gear.

Let’s get out and take some photos and have some fun again. Thank you.

The Video (25:49)


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