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    Switching from Lightroom to Capture One Questions
    on: March 11, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    One other C1 nit-pick. When you import a raw file, the first thing to check is the “Base Characteristics” tool (under the color tab by default). That’s where you set a camera ICC profile and an initial contrast Curve. That curve is by default set to auto, which is whatever C1 decides is appropriate for your camera. I like to set Curve to “Linear Response,” because I’ll do my own curves thank you very much! Unfortunately, you can’t change the default “auto” setting in preferences.

    You can change the default curve used by C1. Start with an unchanged raw file for the camera you want to set, change the curve under Base Characteristic and then from the “three dots” menu to the right of Base Characteristics, choose “Set default for whatever camera you have”.