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Suzanne Mathia

Scottsdale, AZ

Suzanne is a professional freelance photographer, workshop instructor, and writer, whose work regularly appears in Arizona Highways Magazine, as well as numerous national publications. Her images have been published by National Geographic, Outdoor P...
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    Focus technique for MF landscape work. . .
    on: July 26, 2019 at 2:22 pm

    I use and teach hyperlocal focusing in the Landscape Photography workshops and this methods works for most cases.  Finding the closest point that your camera  can focus while still maintaining acceptably sharp focus to infinity. The only time I will resort to focus stacking is with macro (obviously) or if my closest object is closer than my lens capabilities.  I have charts and apps and all sorts of methods for determining hyperlocal point but I usually just find the closest object and double that distance. The optimal focus point is always much closer than you would think.

    Things in the far background of a landscape image should, in my opinion not be a tack sharp as the foreground.  Acceptably sharp focus is not on acceptable but more natural and pleasing.

    Of course the current apps and charts need a lot of updating with new cameras and sensors that’s why I have created by own.  Still use the same mathematical formula but correct the COC (circle of confusion) for current cameras.