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    P5000 Perform Powerful Cleaning message
    on: August 2, 2020 at 4:41 pm

    There was one LuLa posting of a user who did the Powerful Cleaning, and the message didn’t go away — let’s hope that’s an aberration.

    Has your message gone away?

    My 2 year old P5000 replaced a perfectly good 4900 that I threw away when the print heads became uncloggable after not using for 2 months when away on vacation.  Replacing them made it fiscally impractical and the P5000 had the automatic self cleaning feature. The P5000 problem happened because we had a power outage 3 weeks ago and I forgot to turn the printer back on. Now I have the “Perform Powerful Cleaning (All Nozzles) from the Administrator Menu,” message. I’ve run the power cleaning 3 times. The Print Check Pattern is perfect. Several prints were made and look fine. I have 2 low ink cartridges, LK and PK with about 20%. A Google search turned up a suggestion that to get rid of the message all cartridges must be 50% or more. This really stinks. I’ve ordered the new cartridges but am tending to think there is an Epson Conspiracy to get you to purchase more and more ink.


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