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    The Epson ET-8550 Printer Review
    on: September 6, 2021 at 2:57 pm

    Thanks for doing the review, between you and Keith Coopers reviews and videos it seemed

    like this was the last step in completing the circle of  photo capture, processing, and finally

    printing …. so i bought it.

    I missed seeing my pictures live, as print outs,  unlike when i did darkroom processing.

    So far the new littler brother, 8500 printer,  has worked wonderfully and drama free.

    Probably the nicest part is not cringing whenever i print and having to think about how much this

    test/proof/final print is going to ultimately cost due to the ecotank capacity and refill cost.

    i’m using the back-top feed to avoid jams, just discovered the epson ABW utility and

    excited to learn and use more(almost like using contrast filters or VC papers).

    As you noted it was rock solid to install and configure, amazing stuff to me.

    thanks for review and inspiration to close the circle, john s.