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  • Christopher Dubea
    Christopher Dubea
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    Switching from Lightroom to Capture One Questions
    on: September 26, 2020 at 11:17 am

    Catalogs in the Windows version of Capture One are broken. Not just not as good as LR, broken. C1 is aware of it and isn’t interested, or is not capable of fixing them.

    I beat my head against them for far longer than I should have and was finally forced away due to increasing instability in the catalog.

    My workflow now is using a session, but not in the traditional sense. I “exported” my images from the catalog, which writes all the metadata and settings into sidecar files (but alas development settings are NOT in the xmp files).

    Navigating to the appropriate folder in my session, C1 builds all the previews and such and stores then in sub folders. This can take some time, but once done, it’s done.

    The part I like about this is the development settings can be backed up and I’m not subject to a catalog file getting corrupted.

    Definitely not as useful as a catalog, but safer.

    I’m now back to using an old copy of LR (v6.14) for cataloging. I’m working on a tool to extract as much info from the C1 sidecars and write it into the accompaning xmp files for LR to use.


    Christopher Dubea
    Christopher Dubea
    Posts: 2
    Re: Is there a DAM life out of LR?
    Reply #1 on: November 27, 2019 at 3:08 pm

    Hoo boy, me too.

    I’ve got about 65k images in my catalog and that chokes a catalog in C1.  Frankly having a functional catalog system in C1 is a prerequisite for me before I send them any more money for an upgrade.

    I’ve played around with cataloging in other DAM’s and really not come up with a workflow that really makes sense. Per a posting on dpReview, I use a Session with no imagery imported and just browse around the drive.

    At present I’m using xnView MP and Digikam to see if either makes any sense for use as photo organization tool in conjunction with C1.  xnView is not a DAM per se as it doesn’t have a database to speak of, but saves all the info and metadata into XMP files. Digikam is a DAM as it uses a sqLite database, and I’ve just started playing with it, but it shows promise.

    I’m not looking for a ton of capability in a DAM. In the past I’ve used iMatch, iView Media Pro and LR. The problem is they are all rabbit holes to fall into and I spent way to much time “organizing” and not any near enough time producing imagery. That’s why I think the cataloging system in C1 has the capability I would like to have, but unfortunately most of it breaks when the catalogs get of any size.