Darrell Eifert

Darrell Eifert

Newmarket, NH

Interested in mainly landscape and event / street photography, with a focus on fine-art printing.

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    Darrell Eifert
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    The Epson SC-P900 Printer Review
    on: December 17, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    Exceptionally thorough review – many thanks.  I currently own the P800 and am generally happy with the prints, except when the dreaded “pizza wheel” marks appear and require a do-over, which usually succeeds by changing various paper settings.  I am however becoming more interested in alternative printing processes such as platinum / palladium, which means creating a pristine inkjet negative on film.  A quick internet search turns up many reports that the P800 leaves ‘pinhole’ marks on transparency film, which cannot be eradicated no matter what the paper settings.   In your time with the P900, did you ever see these marks on a print?