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    review of QImage
    on: December 21, 2020 at 10:28 am


    First, I would like to thank Oliver for his review of Qimage One. As one of the owners of Binartem, Inc. and developer of the macOS version. I am happy to answer any questions about Qimage One.

    With respect to the Deep Focus Sharpening function in Qimage One, this should not be confused with the amount of sharpening one would use to achieve the artistic element of the print. The purpose of print sharpening is to account for the interpolation that takes place, and to compensate for the affects that the printed media has on the image. For these reasons, it is difficult to preview the final look, since it is inherently a function of the physical media.

    We recommend that a user prints s small test sample with the selected sharpening until they achieve the best result and then use that setting as a starting point for prints on the same type of media. You could also use the Print to File function to create several output images with different sharpening values, but this would not give you as much information as making the test print.

    Andrew Wilford

    Binartem, Inc.