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    The Optimum Digital Expsoure
    on: November 23, 2020 at 5:58 pm

    Bob wrote:


    Your Thoughts on This Question
    When the shadows in a scene are captured at EV2 (thus placing the shadow at Luminance 40+), would you still call luminance at that value as being “shadows”?
    Thanks again for your time and thoughts

    I’m assuming you mean a +2EV? Not sure what you mean by 40+…but if you boost the exposure to capture more photons, the odds are your shadows will get brighter but still need to be pushed back down to achieve a more normal tone mapping…

    Also, as it relates to ACR/Lr Auto Tone, the scheme changed from back when you were talking with Eric. At the end of 2018 and through 2019, Adobe hired me to teach their AI how to adjust raw images…I processes 1K of my own images and 4K of Adobe supplied images to try to teach the AI how to deal with standard/common exposure problems. So, when you now click on Auto Tone it’s kinda like having me do a first whack at correcting your image. But how people end up setting their own tone mapping is, of course a more personal approach.

Viewing 25 post (of 25 total)
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