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  • Jack Siegel
    Jack Siegel
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    on: October 27, 2020 at 3:23 pm

    Thank you for the information.  In my experiences, the issues go far beyond the printing issue that Mark Segal highlights.  I have experienced a number of problems with a wide variety of software since Apple’s latest major iOS upgrade.  When I have called individual software manufacturers, I have discovered that problems are not unique to me.  Specifically, many Photoshop plug-ins crash, including Boris Optics and Nik Color Efx.  Boris Optics has a new release out that is supposed to patch the problem.

    When I bring a photograph from Lightroom to Photoshop, the progress bar does not close–I’ve called Adobe about this and they are aware of the problem, which apparently is not just on my computer, but which is not universal.  Norton 360 constantly shows that “I Am Risk.”  Norton has been aware of this problem for awhile, but has not patched it through an update.

    In the App department, FolioBook had significant issues with downloading images to the iPad from certain cloud sites–in my case Photoshelter.  The developer (a one-man shop, as far as I can tell) did a phenomenal of fixing the issue as quickly as he could.  We had a lengthy back and forth about it, and he stayed on top of the issue from a communications standpoint.  FolioBook is an excellent tool for storing you portfolio on an iPad without the need for a web connection to display it.

    I am sure there are other programs that are having issues.  I wish Apple would be more sensitive about breaking things when they do major iOS upgrades.  Quite frankly, I find many of the much vaunted new features not all that useful or exciting.  I would prefer fewer updates in exchange for more stability.

    Jack B. Siegel
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