Plans to make a Floating Hide for waterfowl photography

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  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith
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    on: April 12, 2021 at 9:25 am

    Looking at making a Floating Hide so I can get into the water with the big glass close to the water surface for waterfowl photos. I like photographing them at eye level or a close to it. 300-800mm lenses to use with a good system so nothing falls into the water.

    Have seen some nice commercially made hides for sale – prices more than I like. So, looking at making my own. Concern is mainly not sinking while being comfortable and getting good images.

    Anyone know of plans or such online to check out?

    Most likely looking at a Dry Suit and insulated long john underneath as I am by the US/Canadian border and our waters are cold even mid summer. Really want to avoid the Chest Waders that can fill with water if one bends over too far.

    Thanks in advance.

    "A good still photograph, studied by an inquiring mind, frequently yields more information than a mile of moving images". Walter Cronkite, New York, June 1989

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