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    on: July 1, 2024 at 11:38 am


    As you may have noticed, there has been a lack of articles over the last few weeks.  I was away running two back-to-back workshops in the Palouse.  I wear many hats and really enjoy what I am doing, but I am only one guy, and I am human.  I intended to publish an article or two while doing the Palouse Workshops.  The weather was so good over the two weeks I was in the Palouse that we maximized our daily shooting time.  This meant leaving around 8:30 in the morning and, many times, not getting back to the hotel until after 10 PM.  I literally returned each night exhausted since I was driving hundreds of miles a day.  These were incredibly rich photographic days.  I published one article and will publish more on this amazing region and what it offers photographers.

    I am back now and will be catching up with articles and some cool product reviews.  I am also preparing for a major exhibit with Michael Durr on Antarctica, which will be featured in the main hall of the Indianapolis Airport.  That exhibit goes up on July 17.  I’ll be preparing for the Greenland workshop, which is at the beginning of August.  We were sold out, but due to a cancellation, we have a berth open for that trip.  Contact me if you are interested.  It’s going to be a cool and great photo trip.  We are going places new.

    We are taking this Wednesday off from Photo Chats due to the July 4th Holiday.  I’ll have the video posted from the Allan Ross chat in the next day or so.  I think you will enjoy that. We are also working on a real interesting line up of future speakers.

    I am working on the 2025 lineup of photo and print workshops. We will start announcing them over the coming weeks. Our fall print workshop still has room.

    Thank you for your understanding and being part of the photoPXL family.  Stay tuned.


    Kevin Raber
    Owner and Publisher of photoPXL

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