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  • Jeff Schewe
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    on: February 24, 2021 at 7:34 pm

    In the event you might be interested in seeing a bit about my history and back story, I recently did a Photo Conversation with John Cornicello. If you don’t know John, he’s a Seattle based photographer that does 2x weekly Zoom based “Photo Conversations” with various photographers…check out the Photo Conversations website.

    John’s regular photo work is really nice too, but fair warning, he shoots a lot of nudes :~) John Cornicello Photography.

    So, that aside, John invited me to do a conversation on my birthday (02/22/21). Here’s the Youtube posted video Conversation with Jeff Schewe

    Just be forewarned, I can be pretty long winded…the whole thing is 1:58:00 long…

    Kevin even showed some fun pictures of me from some of our various trips together…

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