How Many Of The “10-Ways Of Adapting Lenses” Do You Know?

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  • David Weber
    David Weber
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    on: September 17, 2021 at 10:07 am


    Many successful photographers and videographers are already using inexpensive, adapted, older, film-era, “character” lenses instead of high-priced, “too perfect” modern lenses.  They’ve discovered that many vintage lenses can create photos and videos with a fine-art rendering and exceptional bokeh that enables their work to stand out. 

    For those wanting to learn how to adapt any lens, I’ve just launched my 7-hour video course entitled “<u>Adapt Vintage Lenses To Modern Cameras”</u>.  In this course you’ll learn “The 10-Methods” of adapting lenses.  These methods will work on the following types of lenses:

    ·        modern lenses

    ·        vintage film-era lenses

    ·        non-photographic lenses that don’t even have a mount

    This course features discussions and demonstrations of the latest and most advanced: lens adapters; and lens adapting techniques.  Also, I share my original adapting tips and secrets.

    Here’s a link to a short video that provides a course overview.  It reviews each of the 10-Methods of adapting lenses.  Check it out to see how many of the 10-Methods you’re familiar with!  

    For this week only, I’m offering an introductory 50% price reduction!  This discounted price ($29.99) is good until Wednesday, Sept 22, 2021.


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