Could use some opinions and help with printing and screen workflow

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  • Timothy Atkins
    Timothy Atkins
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    Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw
    on: June 30, 2024 at 2:22 am

    Ive been trying accumulating so much information about colorspaces, icc profiles etc that my process is getting muddied and confusing., there are so many variables. I could use some fresh eyes and brains!

    m a painter and I use photography as reference in my work. (I work from the screen) Its important that the ref is as true to life as possible. I also do prints of my work, so its important that I can edit on the screen and get what I see at the printout.

    My gear is a

    Camera: Sony a7r iv

    Monitors : MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD Review –

    Acer B7 B277U review: One solid screen | ITPro

    Printer: Epson P900

    Scanner Plustek A320E (Vuescan so that I can get RAW files and use the color checker passport as ref in LR)

    Color calibration : Spyder X Elite, Color Checker Passport 2 for photographing art and using for scanner.

    Laptop: Legion 7, 32 gb ram, 16 gb 3080, Ryzen 7 5800x, Win 10

    I recalibrate once a month. I use Display Cal for the MSI as the proprietary Spyder  software doesn’t recognize the MSI, but I don’t really see a difference after calibration. It works fine on the Acer though.

    I edit and paint in a room where ambient light is a dim and balanced 5700k.

    My workflow is that i shoot in RAW, edit in Camera raw (PS) and then export a 16bit tiff to PS for final touches and then I print. Ive been using the Acer for a year and pretty much what I see on the screen is what I get at the printer.  I print in RGB, no CMYK conversion.

    I just got the MSI, a great bang for the buck 98% AdobeRGB (after calibration) but what I see on the screen does not match at all what I get at the printer. The prints are much less saturated. I set the monitors to quite a low brightness. When I switch between the 2 screens the pic looks great on the ACER, and prints like it, but if i change to the MSI, the photo looks way more saturated and quite horrible. It stil prints good though.

    Id like to know where in my workflow Ive gone wrong, right now im not sure. What have I not  thought of or perhaps overlooked?

    (Or should I admit defeat and just use the Acer for editing my prints and the MSI for painting reference?)

    thanks everyone!

    Andrew Rodney
    Andrew Rodney
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    Re: Could use some opinions and help with printing and screen workflow
    Reply #1 on: July 1, 2024 at 8:54 pm

    IF the screen to print isn’t matching, start here:

    Why are my prints too dark?

    Why doesn’t my display match my prints?

    A video update to a written piece on subject from 2013

    In this 24 minute video, I’ll cover:

    Are your prints really too dark?

    Display calibration and WYSIWYG

    Proper print viewing conditions 

    Trouble shooting to get a match

    Avoiding kludges that don’t solve the problem

    High resolution:

    Low resolution:

    Author “Color Management for Photographers" & "Photoshop CC Color Management" (

    Christopher Sanderson
    Christopher Sanderson
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    Re: Could use some opinions and help with printing and screen workflow
    Reply #2 on: July 2, 2024 at 10:29 am

    Andrew, thank you so much for posting links to your video.

    Your explanations and directions may be the simplest and clearest I have seen. Bravo!

    (there seems to be an issue with the “” web address as supered on the third reference image – it appears the site no longer exists)

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