Cleaning a Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Vacuum Platen

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  • Simon Simpson
    Simon Simpson
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    on: June 4, 2023 at 7:46 am

    I had a bit of an accident with my Canon PRO-1000 (not my fault).

    I have been unable to replicate the problem but the printer started printing an A2 print even though there was no paper under the head. This has meant a large amount of ink (roughly half an A2 print’s worth) was sprayed inside the machine onto the vacuum platen and the surrounding foam. There was so much ink that it had actually blocked a few of the vacuum holes.

    I have made two attempts to clean the platen with tissues and cotton buds but my efforts have been hampered by the shear amount of ink and the fact that the adjacent foam is so wet. The latter means that I have to be extremely careful not to touch it with any cleaning implement (quite difficult). Currently, prints are emerging from the printer with ink streaks on the back.

    I have tried to contact Canon in the UK for help, twice now, but I have not had a reply nor even an acknowledgement. Given this, I may have to resort to self-help.

    I was just wondering whether any other folk had tried to clean the platen and if you had any tips you could pass-on.

    Just out of interest, I have tried to recreate the original problem of the paper not progressing under the head, and why the wretched printer carried on printing despite this, but I have been unsuccessful. It remains a mystery. One would hope that this kind of thing would be prevented by careful printer and software design, but apparently not. And, yes, I had loaded the paper ;D

    I am somewhat p****d-off.

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